Monday, July 30, 2012

Wake Up Mom! Go Back to Bed Mom!

This morning I was awakened by the Rooster of the family.  Since Corbin was little he has never required much sleep.  This can be problematic when I want to watch a show, work or anything else at night.  It happens to be much worse in the morning when he gets up at 5:30 and decides the rest of the family, dog included need to get out of bed.  This was one of those mornings.

C:  MOM!!!! MOM!!! MOM!!!!!

What? (whispered in that tone of whisper only a mother can have that says, someone better be dead.)



C:  Because I said so!

Corbin, I suggest if you do not need anything at the moment you go in your room, find a puzzle or a book and either put the puzzle together or read your book.

C:  Fine.....ADAM!!! GET UP!!


C:  Fine.....Get up mom.


At this point Adam is starting to sleep talk.  He is my child, he likes to snuggle in the morning and rest for just a little longer.

A:  Go to bed mama, I'm still tired.

That's my boy.

In the mean time I start hearing noises from the bathroom....Seriously?  What is he doing now?  I'm still tired!  It is 6:30 in the morning, a time I wish didn't exist, and I hear plunking noises.  Now I know that its not someone breaking in the house in which case I would call Corbin to me lock the doors and call the police.  (I have seen one too many horror movies in recent months)  I get up to find that Corbin is putting a puzzle together in the bathroom.

What are you doing?

C:  You told me to put a puzzle together.  There's better light in here...

Okay then....If I could have, I would have crawled back in bed at that moment.  Ah, but no once I am fully awake I am awake.  Rotten little rooster!

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