Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's really just a snack mom.....

Let me warn you before you start reading......WARNING you are reading a post by a mom who has had less than three hours sleep and is a little silly.....You have been warned.

Last night, while putting the kids to bed the little boys started asking for a snack.  Anything to get out of having to say our prayer and got to sleep right?  Right.  Since I needed to work last night I wasn't willing to play the games of I need a snack and some water and one more story. ( Please refer to Samuel Jacksons book...Go the bleep to sleep, as your reference for how I was feeling last night.)  I finally gave in when they asked if they could have a snack in the morning.  Sure, fine, whatever!  GO TO SLEEP!!!!!!!  Oh, I really need to pay more attention to what they believe a snack is in the future.

Corbin woke up early this morning.

Mom, I want my snack now.

Me in my dazed I just went to bed 2 hours ago stupor.."Sure, get your snack."

Mom, you know it's not just a bar.

Me:  Okay.  (still mostly asleep)

Mom, you know it's not candy either.

Me:  Fine.

It's a bar.......and it has candy in it.  But it's not candy.  Its a candy bar mom and you know it's really just a snack mom.

In a sleep deprived moment, I said huh?  Fine go have your snack! 

That is how Corbin got a chocolate bar for breakfast.  Note to self make sure to be awake before telling children to go have their snacks that they have described in detail to make sure you know what they are eating so you can't yell later about them eating a candy bar for breakfast at 6 in the morning.

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