Friday, July 20, 2012

Day 5...It is almost finished!

Ahh!  Day 5 of camp and I am ready to be tucked into bed for the next week.  Day five is always the stress day.  Do they have their lines memorized, can they get on stage without killing each other, do they know the songs????  The answer is yes and no.  Something this big means something will go wrong.  Someone will drop their lines, (this isn't Broadway darlings, this is Granite Springs Music and Drama camp) the kids will push each other getting on and off the stage, and while on the stage and they will all forget their songs.  I have found that when Sunday comes these kids pull off a miracle.  They can do it and if they forget something that's why we sit on our knees on the floor in front of them, to give them a little help. 

We have quite the squirrely crowd this year so on the stage I said everything from:

Do not give Indian burns to her!

Stop shoving her between you!

Don't pull her hair!

Don't lick that!

Get your hands out of your pants please....(As I am exiting the stage my dear sweet friend brought over the hand sanitizer.  It looked like you might need this...Even if you didn't touch him....It made me need some just watching!)

Ahhh!  The beauty of teaching a group of 70 kids from K-6 grade.  You never know what you are going to have to say.  I can always guarantee that I will have to say something that I never thought I would say!

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