Thursday, July 5, 2012

Tooth Bugs

As I am driving home from picking the boys up today Corbin asked for some candy.  Silly me I had Mamba's in the car.  I agreed and gave him and Adam a piece.  They don't last long so less than two minutes later I hear "can I have some more candy please?" 



The sugar bugs are going to eat your teeth if you have too much candy.

The sugar bugs?

Yes, the nasty little creatures that cause cavities in your mouth.

Oh!  Yeah!  They are definitely having a party in my mouth with all the sugar I have eaten in the last few days.  (Oh! Really?!)

That is why you have to brush them.

I think I'll let them finish their party and then brush them away.  It seems kinder that way.

(Did he really just say that?  Yup!)   Okay, but don't let them have too much of a party in there.

Or, I'll have to go to Smile Island Dentist again?


Okay, I'll cut their party short. ( I missed my boys!)

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