Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Halloween and Fire Works?

When I picked the boys up today from their dads the first thing out of Corbin's mouth was a slight shock to me.

C:  When is Diego going to be home?

Me:  When he's done working.

C:  Good.  I hope he bought fireworks.

Me:  WHAT?

C:  I can't wait to set off fireworks.

From the child who until three days ago wouldn't even go outside when the hint of fireworks were going off. Okay then.

Me:  Well we don't have any fireworks but we could put up some Halloween decorations.

C:  Okay but only if they are scary.

Me:  What?

A chorus from the back of the car:  Yeah we want to put up scary decorations!

Who are these children and what have they done with mine?!??!?!  I guess they are growing up.  Bwa Haa Ha!  I love it!  I can't wait for Halloween now!  No more cutesy little decorations!  I'm putting up the webs this year with my guys!  Awesome!!!!!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Things Children Teach You About Yourself......

Corbin has never liked just sitting and watching movies.  He gets up, goes outside, or to the bathroom, or to his office, any where but where the movie is being watched.  He wanders in and out of the room.  Makes a comment then moves on.  Where in the world did he get this bad habit from?

Sitting watching scary movies has never been my strong suit.  I don't love them the way some people do. When requested to I will watch them.  Mind you when I do watch them unless you hold me down I will get up and walk around, do laundry, go to the bathroom, get people drinks, food, popcorn and generally try to avoid watching said movie.  I will even blog.  I don't really like scary movies.  And now we know where Corbin gets his bad habit from. Sigh.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

And this kid is always telling me I'm not his best friend.....

I picked up one of our favorite friends today!  I love this kid.  He makes me laugh every time he is here.

K:  Ms. Flamik, I got this kid at school he's like one of my friends.  He's always telling me,"you're my friend but that guy is my best friend not you."

Me:  What is he a girl?  I thought this only happened between girls.  Are you telling me boys are just as bad as girls when it comes to this you're not my friend garbage?

K:  Yup.  He's acting like a girl.  Thanks Ms. Flamik.

What did I do?????  Whoops!  Darn you filter for slipping out of place!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Progress is always amazing to witness.

I have said for the last two years that we have come a long way.  Tonight we have passed one of the biggest hurdles for my sweet Corbin.

Corbin has been terrified of fire, fireworks, and loud noises all of his life. Even the mention of fireworks has been cause for complete meltdown.

Tonight we read the notice on the side of the mailbox saying that there were going to be fireworks.  My first thought was in line with previous years...Oh crap.  Diego however has not experienced Corbin's wrath and he was pretty sure Corbin was going to be just fine.

Midway through the afternoon Corbin decided to tell us that he wasn't afraid of anything. Which then was turned and used against him.

D: So if you aren't afraid of anything you won't have any reason to be afraid later tonight when they are going to have fireworks right?

C:  Nope.

I wasn't going to hold my breath on that one.  I was willing to let someone else try to reason with the unreasonable.

Throughout the afternoon Corbin asked a few questions about when the fireworks would be and watched the time.

At 8:45 pm the fireworks started.  He peeked his head outside a little saw a few of the fireworks, plugged his ears, and came back in.

C:  That is really loud.

(After I was told I needed to calm down) I asked him if he wanted to go outside with me.  A little reluctantly he let me lead him outside with his ears plugged and leaning on me, Corbin watched his very first fireworks show.  No screaming, biting, kicking or looking away.  Tonight I was able to witness my little boy breaking through a huge fear!  We have come a long way baby.

C:  I have six words for you mom....O.M.G.!  That was AWESOME!!!!!!!!

No thanks, I have an assistant in Madagascar

The more you carpool the more you learn.

Talking about girls and boys again!

Me:  What's my rule boys?

Boys:  No dating till we can drive them ourselves or you and the claw get to go with us.

Me:  That's right!  So just tell those girls no.

Zach:  I have plenty of practice at that already mom!

Me:  Practice at what?

Zach:  Telling girls no.

Me:  WHAT???

Zach & Friend:  Oh all the girls at theater take turns asking us if we like one of their friends.

Friend:  Zach just looks at them and says "No".

Me:  Really?

Friend:  Yeah then they ask me if I like them.


Zach:  Yeah and then some kid tried to get Corbin to like a girl.

Me:  WHAT!?!??!?!

Zach:  Don't worry mom. Corbin told them "No thanks.  I already have an assistant in Madagascar."

Me:  Really??

Zach:  Yeah and when they asked me if we had been to Madagascar I told them yes!


I never thought that his repeating of movies would come in handy!  

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Because I was a teenager once.

I had the privilege of picking children up from their Jr. High youth group party thing.  I always learn so much in our short little car rides and from observing the children who think they are not being watched.....Hee Hee, so I was able to observe one of our dear 12 year old friends hugging a girl goodbye on his way out and not really wanting to leave said activity.  Me being who I am, I could not hold myself back from teasing this poor child and again giving him the dating rules.  First we start with the teasing and questions.  The one that set me off on a laughing spell was from Zach to his friend.

Z:  Do you still have her phone number?

F:  No, she had to get a new phone. (Me giggling, wow this crap starts early, other child sitting next to me starts giggling, wait how does he know why I'm giggling? I look at him...)

F2:   Yeah she changed her number because of you.

F:  No, too many boys had her number.

Me:  What?  Why.....

Zach:  Some guy gave her number out to a bunch of other guys, she's actually a nice girl mom.(Okay he knows me a little too well....Must be the comments I make about dating hoochy mamas coming through!)

Then the rules.

Boys you know you cannot start dating until you can drive you and your date.

F:  Why you could drive them.

Bwa Ha Ha!  Sure, I will drive them, and then me and the claw are going to stay there and sit with you guys.

Zach:  She did it to our friends sister.  She's not joking.

F:  What about group dates.

Ha!  I get to go on those too.

F:  Why?

Because I was a teenager once.