Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Music and Drama Camp...Day Two

"Your boys are so quiet and focused."

Huh?  I think you have the wrong children.....Have you read my blog?

"Seriously, they are so good and sweet."

Seriously????  Are we talking about the same child I told could not lick, bite, or nibble his teen helper from yesterday?


Aliens again... They keep taking my children and replacing them with angels.  Then I get them home....and what do they do?  They turn the hose on and make mud in the back yard, trip each other in it and come screaming like banshees into the house.....  Yup...I've done my job, they are good everywhere but home where they shouldn't have to be on their best behavior after a day of being angels....We all have a little naughty side that has to be tamed on occasion...Me, I use kickboxing as my stress management.  Them, mud puddles.  Its all good.

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