Saturday, August 4, 2012

Your kid jumped from a 45 foot cliff....

I got my oldest boy back yesterday!  Yay!  He has been gone for a total of three weeks this summer at different camps and vacations.  I'm done.  He needs to stay home for a while.  When the little boys and I went to pick him up yesterday we couldn't get there fast enough.  I stalled them with a  trip to Target, Taco Bell, and then the I have to go to the bathrooms started so I went to my friends house to wait for my boy to get home. 

While waiting we thought having a picnic on the grass sounded like a great idea.  That's where we started, in the grass.  We ended up in the driveway when the sprinklers went off and we had to drag all our stuff from the grass to the driveway.  As a nice neighborhood lady was walking by trying not to laugh herself sick at my antics of grabbing as much stuff from the sprinkled area to the driveway while Adam screamed "hurry up mommy!!!"  Like I was really thrilled about getting soaking wet to save his taco. 

A few minutes later the vans started pulling up and out emerges 15 to 20 kids and parents.  Half of whom appear to be bathed in dirt and stink.  Ahh the joys of camp.  Our Jr. High Youth leader got out of the van came over and said "your son is awesome!  He jumped off a 45 foot cliff!"  That does not surprise me.  He is my child after all.  Fortunately everyone was so busy getting the cars unloaded and it was getting dark that no one noticed I was soaking wet.  :-)

My crazy child has bruises from rock climbing, paint ball, and jumping out of a raft to ride a rapid called baby rattlesnake free style, which apparently isn't that common.  When asked which camp he liked better this year, he said Kidder Creek all the way!(That was camps, when compared to his other vacation, he said they were about the same in being awesome and he'd do both again)  Thanks to all the parents and leaders for taking him!

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