Monday, July 9, 2012


My Zach has been gone for a week and then I was gone for 3 days and now he's gone again at a tennis tournament.  Which is great.  Except I miss the little brat.  Even when he informed me this morning that "Yeah, mom your a little crazy.....That's better than parents who are just strict and boring."  Backhanded compliments he is good at not unlike most preteens.

As he is leaving the house today his brothers start their normal routine of seeing who can punch who without mom seeing and giving them both a time out.  With a gleam in his eyes my 11 year old says,

"Good luck mom!"  and runs from the house like he's on fire. 

Maybe that's from the look of pure evil in my eyes as I looked at him and said, "Thanks!  I will get you!"  Oh the possibilities of things that will come for him.   How did he grow up so fast. I don't ask where he got his humor from anymore.  I just look in the mirror sigh and think of what my poor mother had to deal with when I was a child. 

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