Friday, July 20, 2012

For my friend who still thinks this story is funny....BLAH!

I am reminded again tonight of the ridiculous experiences I tend to have in my life.  Some of my experiences seem pretty normal, I just am abnormal and laugh at them and some of them are so off the wall that even I stare in stunned silence at the insanity that either surrounds me or that I directly cause.  From children who lick trash cans at Great America, Krispy Kream sugar highs, and yes of course the notorious car accident I had last year. 

Last year I was in a car accident where both cars were totaled, no one was hurt except for our being humiliated at the situation.  This was brought up tonight due to the fact that the person in the car next to us was swerving into our lane due to texting.  Let me just say don't text while driving not everyone around you is paying attention, they are all texting too.  Sigh, and thus brings up the car accident. (My friend laughing hysterically at the whole incident, telling me I need to blog that one.)

I was driving to a moms meeting when I got a phone call from my friend who was going to the same meeting and she was lost.  I was using my headset, so I thought I was being safe. (Ha!)  I was also using my phone as a GPS.  Can you say multitasking while in the car is stupid?  My shoulder does now.  I get the call and am trying to tell my friend where the meeting is and I go through a very yellow light.  The car in the other intersection does not look in the intersection before entering it she just sees the green light and goes.  (How do I know this?  Because I was on the phone with her!)  I can't stop.  I am yelling at her to stop...because shes really going to know its me trying to hit her!

ME:  STOP!!! STOP !!
I just got hit!

ME:  I know I just hit you!!!

Your joking right?

ME:  No, I'm not joking.  I'm hanging up now. 

K bye!

We get the cars pulled over and the police show up.  Now mind you I think at this point we are delirious because we are laughing so hard.  The police show up push her car out of the way and then leave without siting either of us.  Why?  Because we are obviously friends and we both have insurance and they have better things to do than to sit with a bunch of women (by this point we have a few more moms from our group who had driven by  and stopped to make sure we were okay) who were laughing so hard at the stupidity of our situation.  Bless the cops for leaving.  I have to say my friend got a new car and a vacation out of the deal and I got my Suburban.  Really not the way to get new cars though.  Also, an accident like this...You can never ever live down, because no one ever can believed I actually hit my friend.  The good news, my friend and I are still friends and I bought her a GPS for her birthday, she doesn't call me and ask me for directions anymore.    

Bye bye Mercedes with no airbag.

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