Monday, July 28, 2014

My car holds many surprises.....

I the kids and my car back from their dad the other day and found this little interesting little tidbit. At first glace since it was hot and all the contents were melted and yellow I was disgusted and wonder why someone would leave their pee cup in my car.

This was my next look.....
Awwww Man!  What in the world!  Is this I ask my 13 year old.
Z: I don't know....Butter?
Z: Look at the other side.
I'm not sure this makes it any better.
Z: No not really.
Z: We went to the fair and the little boys picked it up and took it home.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

I'm Old

I celebrated our 20th high school reunion! With 14 of my fellow classmates.  I know that seems like nothing for some high schools but ours was a class of 86 girls. So 14 is a huge turn out!

We stayed till about 10 pm then to appease and reward the husband types we took them to Dave and Busters for a bit of video gaming. I walked in looked at  my dear friend and said I'm too old for this. Maybe I just haven't been around the up and coming younger crowd but really? It was too loud, the skirts and shorts girls were wearing were non-existent, and I was yawning by 10:30.

By 12:45 I had seen a woman attack her boyfriend to the point I wanted to tell them to get a room and I could barely keep my eyes open. Really? It wasn't that long ago that I worked all night long to make it through tax season. By the time we got home at 3:00 I was no longer wondering when I got old I was just looking forward to getting in bed and sleeping. I slept in longer than I have slept since BC (before children) it was 10:30! Just like a teenager! Maybe I'm not that old!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Camp wrap up.

The rest of music and drama camp was relatively uneventful and overall fun. Corbin made it through at least 4 more Frozen songs without running out of the sanctuary screaming and holding his ears. The production on Sunday went off without too many hiccups. Either there was very little that was funny or I have lost my sense of humor. I'm pretty sure I will go looking for it in the next few days as I will need it to get through the rest of the month.

The teenagers have proven to me that there is humor everywhere you just need to look...Sometimes at hairy options.

Teen 1: You could cut your hair and donate it to charity.

Teen 2: Too bad that doesn't work with arm pit hair. Could you see that people being implanted with armpit hair on their heads. Maybe it would grow better.

At this point I turned the music up due to the deterioration of the conversation.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Music and Drama Camp Day 2. Desensitization day and the claw returns.

Day 2....

The request for the return of the claw was made by one of my favorite teen coaches. This morning I asked Zach to go get the claw and he about jumped out of the car to grab it from my office.

Me: Wow I really have twisted some children.

Z: Well I'm genetically yours so it was bound to happen. The rest of the kids well maybe they were just predisposed to your influence.

Camp was another almost drama free day. It was drama free for most of the children except for my own. Mine had to have a complete freak out session when they played "Let It Go" from the Frozen movie. Really?! Let it go kid!

My other two children are enjoying torturing Mr. C with their own renditions of "Let It Go". Zach downloaded the song on Spotify and put it on repeat in the car while we were waiting for A to get out of therapy. Now, we are watching Frozen. Suddenly, Corbin is no longer freaking out. Maybe we will make it through tomorrow without a freak out session. Here's hoping! (And here's hoping I don't lose my ever loving mind before the end of the day due to this stupid movie! I hope we only have to watch it once today.)

Monday, July 7, 2014

Music and Drama Camp Year...9 Day 1

Today marks the first day of year nine for us participating in Music and Drama camp. We weren't sure about participating this year since we thought that we were going to be out of town but here we are. Unfortunately and fortunately nothing exciting happened today.

I have either lost my sense of humor, the children aren't giving me any material to work with, or I'm just tired. Hopefully its not the first item and the children give me something to work with tomorrow.