Thursday, June 27, 2013

You make the best hot dogs! Oh and you too mommy.

While debating what to have for dinner tonight, since it was just me, my guy, and Adam the conversation went something like this.

Me:  So what do you want for dinner?

Adam:  Hot dogs. Diego, you make the best hot dogs ever.

Me:  Okay so hot dogs.  Made by Diego.

Adam, as he snuggles up close to me and says, "Mommy you make the best hot dogs too."

Me:  Are you just saying that to make mommy feel better.

Adam:  Yeah.

Gotta love the 5 year old's honesty.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

5 year old sleepover debates.

We are finally starting to feel better around here.  I am off quarantine (I got pink eye too. Blah, curse small children going to my side of the bed and rubbing their faces on my pillow!) We celebrated being close to over all this illness by having an impromptu dinner with friends.  Now what started out with me leaving one child and only bringing two home with me ended up with me leaving one taking five home with me.  Fortunately these guys get along most of the time and are excellent listeners.  (And they all have a healthy fear of me. :-))  The conversation in the bathroom before bed had me laughing so hard I started coughing and almost needed my inhaler to stop.

The two 5 year olds were having the great tooth paste and dental floss debate.

Child 1: Adam do you like minty toothpaste?

Adam:  Yes.  It really is my favorite.

1:  This toothpaste is too minty.

A:  I like it.  My dental floss is minty too.

1: Can I use this dental floss?

A:  Yes but its minty.

1:  I like minty.  But not Pepperoni.  Pepperoni is too minty.

I almost fell on the floor.  This conversation sounded like two big kids or adults with the intonations they were using.  It sounded as if they were having a conversation about global warming with their tones.  5 going on 30 with a twist of where in the world did pepperoni come from?

Friday, June 21, 2013

The reason my circut breaker blew up.

It is a blog kind of week.  Let us do the totals and then wonder if I will still be sane come Monday.

1. Two weeks ago Adam and I started coughing.  We are still coughing and now so are my mother, Zachary and Corbin. 

2.  Monday night Adam developed pink eye....I went to the all night pharmacy got home at 11:30 to a no longer screaming child but a sleeping child, there was a wasted trip.  On the bright side he was able to start medication in the morning.

3.  Left my mom with the kids so I could have a time out and get my breaks redone (apparently the company I bought the car from didn't really redo the roters they just warped the brand new break pads so that I would be able to drive it for 30 days before the warranty wore out and then they would return to shaking every time you pressed them) and the other two came down with Pink Eye and fevers.  Sorry Mom!

4.  Wednesday I was home thinking okay this isn't so bad.  The coughs aren't any better but they will get better (not!) and the eyes have been treated for 24 hours so off to theater.  When we got home Corbin promptly went in the bathroom to puke.  Well, my apologies everyone at theater who may or may not come down with that illness.  But really who knew we would get that lovely symptom too.  (I believe it was just from coughing too much or maybe it was the turkey sandwich that seemed like it wasn't very good.  I can only hope!)

5.  Thursday off to the doctor.  Zach and Adam woke up in the middle of the night crying with ears that were hurting.  Got to love Kaiser, two separate Dr's. at the same time.  So we had to again bring my poor mother and leave one child with my guy here at the house.  Sigh. (thank god for family and friends who would burry bodies with you if you asked.)  Two, slight ear issues but really neither Dr. thought it bad enough to do any thing about except Adam who had been sick for so long.  Antibiotics for him and mom convinced the other Dr. to give Zach some too.

         a.  Zachary did not take his pills.
         b.  Adam did.  Adam was covered in hives right after the second dose of medicine, the first one
              that morning was mostly on the floor and down his shirt.  (He didn't like that flavor!)

6.  Today is Friday......Woke up to a child who had hives develop even though I had given him benadryl just 6 hours earlier.  (had to get up every 4 to 6 hours during the night to give him medicine.)  I think I might be a little rummy today. 

Which is why I blew the circuit to our television side of the house by allowing 2 boys to use two vacuums at the same time so they wouldn't fight over sucking up the dirt around the house.  It is also why I had to yell at them to stop sucking each other up with the vacuum.  Totally my own fault. 

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Dinner out.....

The other night we went out to dinner to On The Boarder.  When we walked into the restaurant Corbin looked up at me and said:

C:  Mom.

Me:  Yes Corbin.

C:  This place is pretty Mexican.

Me:  Well that is what kind of food we are eating.

C:  I think I'll have a cheese burger.

Okay then.  Never a dull moment with that one around.

Kendama's. Whose bright idea was this?

Let me begin by saying I do not understand the newest fad that has swept our area. The Kendama. Its a ball and a stick.  You put the ball on the stick or in the cups.  Like every sport that man has created it has some undertones that are slightly disturbing if you are of the mind to think that way....(No comment about my own thoughts as this blog is read by children and adults. Just know I have many many comments I have to filter closely, which for me is not always easy.)

I knew these things would be a problem as soon as my oldest got one.  I asked him how long it would be before the other boys would be asking for one too.  Apparently, not long.  Today I came home to all three boys with Kendama's.  My next question, and by now I should learn not to ask questions, was "Who will be injured first?"  It is a big wooden ball on a string that you throw in the air and try to catch.  Like Nun chucks when first used someone is gonna get hurt.  Adam had already hit himself in the eye with Zach's now I have 5 of these things in the house? 

Well, I was the one who was injured.  Of course as with any toy the boys do not use them as they are intended.  NO.  This one was being swung in circles around the living room as I happen to walk in and get smacked in the shin with the stupid thing!  Can I just say that hurt so bad, I think they heard my yelp in the next county.  Its a solid piece of wood I will give the makers that.  I now have a lovely bruise forming and will probably be icing my leg tonight.  Thank you to whoever thought of these lovely toys and to my Mother who bought one for each of the boys.  I would say I can't wait to see what happens next but really.  I can.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

When the lights are all off when I walk in the house and there are nerf guns, Duck.

This evening my favorite guy not related to me and I went to dinner with my Grandmother and my cousins.  We enjoyed an evening meal without having to tell any one not to lick, bite, or ask the waiter if they knew what a cuttlefish eats.   The kids got the benefit of having a couple of their older friends to come over and "babysit" them while we were at dinner. 

After dinner we came home.  I was under the impression that I was going to take one of the extra children home and then we were going to watch "Here Comes the Boom". 
As I enter my home I find that almost every light in the house is off.  Corbin is in his room with the door shut, light on and playing light brights making jelly fish he tells me and then informs me that he loves me but "you can go now mom."  Now here is when I notice that not only are the lights out, there is the unmistakable clicking sound of nerf guns and hysterical laughter from all 4 parties who are running through my house shooting each other in the dark.  Stupid me I change my clothes and start to head out into the living room to grab my lap top when I hear:

Zach:  Mom!  Duck!  I almost hit you in the head!

Me:  Oh Holy Hello I'm outta here!

D: Good idea, go to the safe zone.  (This from the same man who yesterday had to tell the boys to not shoot guns in the car. Something I am sure he really never thought he would have to say. I never thought I would have to that's for sure.)

Here I sit.  In my safe room.  Waiting to be released.  Maybe I will take a nap.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It's SUMMER!!!!  Yippee!! All our friends are out of school and its time to have my house full of children once again.  This summer is a little different than most.  Pre-teens and teens in the house have added a new flavor to our normal discussions about bacon, mine craft, and YouTube.  Now there are girls and the sex ed discussions.  (God help me!!!!)  First day of having all the kids at the house the conversation went like this:

F1:  Ms. Flamik you will never guess what we learned about today!

Me:  Probably not love.  Why don'tcha just tell me.

F1:  We got to watch child birth in school.  And the whole class screamed when the doctor said wait...."It's Twins!"

Me:  So, what did you think of that?

F1:  I think you need to rent that movie and have Zach and I watch it together.

Me:  Interesting I guess I will have....(Zach screaming over my sentence NOOOOOO!!!!!)  look into that.  Now Zach tell me what you really think....Would you rather have your sex ed talks with your mom once a month or would you like to sit with your BFF's this summer and watch a video series.

Zach:  Are you kidding me?  I will take your talks any day over watching a video of birth and sex.

Me:  That's my boy.