Wednesday, February 18, 2015

My boy can still make me turn red in a store.

I had to take my Zach to the store today to get the finishing touches on his costume. I should know by know that when I have a migraine I should wait for Diego to get home from work before I go so I don't have to take all three plus the extra special one I get for a week. No. I have to just get things done. Which means my mouth is not as filtered as it should be. Sigh.

We were looking at belts in the men's section and Zach found one he liked. I asked him to check the size he said its a 40 that should fit.

"No baby, that is for someone who is almost twice your size with a little fat on them."

C: You mean fat people mom? Like dad.

My niece just about fell over in the store as I stared with horror.

Me: Corbin, your father isn't fat please don't say things like that its not very nice. (While stifling a laugh and trying to avoid eye contact with my niece who is too smart for her own good.)

C: Well he does have an extra layer of insulation mom. Kinda like the walrus does.

I just turned and started walking away.

"Okay lets go find shoes!"