Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Boys and Fighting

I got my boys home today! I love having them home. I know they aren't gone for long but its never easy letting them go.  When I get them home I always ask if they had fun. Sometimes they tell me wonderful stories of adventures they are able to go on with their father, hiking, biking, and playing in the park. This time I got to call their father after they told me about their weekend.

Me: So what did you guys do all weekend?

Z: We went to a pick nick with a bunch of overly perky people after church on Sunday.

Me: Does that mean fake happy people or just people who are too happy and are annoying?

Z: Fake. I think some were just too happy.
(What were you with a bunch of drunks?  Fortunately my filter was in place.)

Me: Okay then what.

Z: Then we went to bible study. We normally do the study but they were talking about Adam and Eve so they told the kids to go outside.

Me: Think they were discussing something like original sin?

Z: Huh?

Me: Sex?

Z: Yeah and I'm glad I didn't have to talk about that. Then we were outside(See how good he has become about changing subjects when he is done with a discussion?) and one of the kids who is about my age started trying to mess with me.

Me: What?

Z: He kept saying I could take you down and beat you at wrestling. Mom, he is a foot shorter than I am and he has no training.

Me: Does he know about your training?  What did you do?

Z: No he doesn't know that I have been trained at Nunez's Murder Fridays and house of pain. He started being stupid so I said I would bet him 10 bucks that he couldn't beat me and he said he didn't have 10 bucks. Then I went inside to get a drink and came outside to see Corbin punching the kid.

Me: Corbin why did you hit him?

C: He pushed me and hurt my feelings.

Me: Zach what did you do.

Z: Corbin was dealing with it.

Me: Wait so you just left Corbin on the kid. Was Corbin hurting him?

Z: From the look of fear on his face and the bruises on his arm I figured he was getting the idea not to mess with Corbin anymore. I took him off after a few minutes.

Me: Nice.  Does your father know this happened?

Z: No.

Me: I'm going to have to tell your father. He needs to know what this kid was doing so when the kids parents call him he has some idea of why the kid has bruises all over his arms and maybe why the parents don't want to attend bible study in the future.  Corbin, you can't just hit people.

C: I didn't he was pushing me.  I just stopped him like we have been taught.

Me: Honey stopping him from pushing you and continuing to beat someone up after they have stopped are two different things.

I have one child who won't fight unless forced or in a ring and two others with quick tempers and quicker fists. I'm hoping by the time the other two become older and better trained like their brother they will have the same self control he does.  Though at the same time if the 13 year old is pushing a 9 year old with special needs he kinda deserves to get his butt kicked so I will say thank god he can and will defend himself.