Wednesday, May 11, 2016

From Burnt Grilled Cheese to Sushi

I'm guilty of being a bad mom tonight. I forgot to pack lunches for my children to take to theater for dinner. We pulled up to the theater and the boys both told me they were good but would be starving after theater.

Their step father and I picked them up and started driving around trying to figure out what everyone wanted. We were all starving!

Plan A was nachos at home but we were out of cheese sauce.

Plan B was pizza but no one could agree on a place.

Plan C was Chick Fil A but we drove passed it because we couldn't get over due to some lame driver who sped up every time I sped up and slowed down every time I did and I am sure didn't know that when someone puts their blinker on it means they want to get over.

Plan D I think was KFC.

Plan X was sushi at the local made to order all you can eat place.

We looked at each other and decided that if it was a total disaster there was always Taco Bell on the way home. Not exactly thinking it was a good idea but what the hell when has that ever stopped me.

Diego ordered lots of different kinds of sushi, miso soup, maguro, chicken, and gyoza.

Adam was not fond of anything but the chicken and rice. He did try some maguro and the miso soup.

Corbin on the other hand tasted my maguro, then grabbed the rest from my hand dumped it in the soy sauce wasabi mixture and shoved the whole thing in his mouth. Then went back for seconds and another sushi roll.

I am sure the aliens have come again and replaced my child who up until recently would only eat cheese pizza, open faced grilled cheese, and nutella sandwiches.

"Mom, I'm so grateful you brought us here. This food is delicious, delectable, and delightful. I do hope we can come here again."

I guess 2 out of 3 kids liking sushi is pretty good in my world. Now if we can just get over the nutella I'd be happy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Have you not heard politicians speak?

I was going through Corbin's school work getting it ready for his teacher to meet with us tomorrow. I ran across one of his science papers that I hadn't corrected.

The answer to his question was:"Because I think it is right."

Me: That is not an answer to a question. GRRRRR!!!!!

Zach: Mom, it is a valid answer.

Me: No. No it is not.

Z: Have you not heard politicians speak lately?

Why is it the 15 year old makes better sense than half the politicians out there?

Friday, March 25, 2016

Meth is pretty!

We had wonderful field trip to the local CSI and Sheriffs office the other day.

The kids learned all about crime scenes, saw all the lab equipment used on a crime scene, and how to make blood spatter.

Seeing the glee in the oldest's eyes when he was giving the instructions, the sheriff made sure to qualify if they were going to make blood spatter they should do it outside. I think that took some of the fun out of the idea. (THANK GOD!)

When the tour was over and most of the other families had dispersed another officer came into the room and asked us if "any of the big kids would like to see what Meth looked like?"

I am who I am. "Kids get in here!"

We had to wait while he prepped a meth kit and booked all the items they found on the gentleman they had just arrested.

The officer finally came out and showed the kids what meth looked like. Unfortunately I forgot which kids I had with me. All the kids saw what meth looked like.

The officer showed them a little vile filled package that had one of the little pieces of what looked to me like chlorine. He was saying that after each vile broke you could see what was in the crystal.

"When the last one breaks if it turns blue, you know we have meth."

He broke the last vile and the whole package turned a royal blue color.

C: "Wow! Meth is really pretty!  Look at that shade of blue!'

The concern was apparent, the officer started showing the kids before and after mug shots of people who are known meth addicts.

I then remembered that not only did I have my kids but other peoples kids.....Whoops! There is a fun phone call to make. "Yeah, so the rest of the group missed the meth lesson but our kids didn't. Sorry. If Mr. C says "Meth is pretty" you know why."

All I can think of at this point is please god, do not let him say that in front of anyone from CPS! I think it might take a bit of explaining.