Monday, July 9, 2012

Starbucks is Crack for kids.

On occasion, I have resorted to bribing my children with Starbucks when taking them shopping.  Today was one of those days.  My dear friend Jennifer texted me this afternoon to see if I would go look at home decorations with her.  We had nothing else going on so I said sure as long as you don't mind I have the little boys with me. 

Off we went to Target, Kohl's and Big Lots.  About half way through Target I told the boys that if they would behave I would get them a double chocolate chip frapachino.  (I just really like to say that....It just sounds like its really big.) 

Halfway through his drink Corbin decided he didn't want his anymore.  Adam said I'll take it for you!  This is why I have a picture of my small child walking through Big Lots double fisting Starbucks drinks.  I thought maybe he was going to hyperventilate from sucking so hard on both straws at the same time and starting to make silly noises.  At that moment I turned to Jen and said "Starbucks is like crack for kids!"  Of course the other part is, I again fed my children a large amount of sugar and the bouncing off the walls began!   Thank god for horseback riding!

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  1. Great picture! Loving the blog, Ari.
    Ahhhh family life :0)