Sunday, July 22, 2012

Performace Day! Yay!!! Its done!

Ah!  My favorite day!  Show day!  The day where it all comes together for better or for worse.  Not bad ladies and gentlemen, not bad!  It was quite fun and the kids did as expected.  No one licked, hit, bit, pushed anyone off stage or put their hands down their pants.  I call that a win!  There was lots of waving and smiles.  Happy parents, happy kids. 

After the show we picked up one of Zach's friends and went swimming.  Yay for my friends who invited us for swimming and dinner too!  I didn't have to cook!  On the way over to our friends the following conversation occurred.

Ms. Flamik???
Me:  Yes?

When you grow up and get old will you stop driving fast?

Me:  Did you just ask me about growing up and getting old?

Yeah and driving fast too.

Zach:  She will never stop driving fast.  That's why she can't have the Camaro she wants, she says she can't afford the tickets.  (Smart boy)  Oh, and she's never going to be old and drive slow...Have you seen my Grandmother?  (Oh that boy is so cute and brilliant.  Already knows how to skirt an issue and add a compliment....He will go far.)

Me: (laughing)  Ummmm What do you think?

Zach's right you're never going to grow up....Or drive slow.  (ROFLOL)

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  1. Hi Ari! Just catching up on your blog....smiling a big smile here at my desk.
    Loving you! Loving your crazy life and great attitude :0)
    Blessings to you and the kiddos! xxox D