Wednesday, October 29, 2014

How did you lose a shoe that was on your foot? (not about the kids)

I normally blog about my children and the things I say to them or the things they do that make me wonder if I am a good mom or not. Not today. Today I am going to tell you about the phone call I received.

My mother called the other day. I was waiting for her call since I dropped her at the airport at o'I don't like to get up at this hour thirty.

Me: Hello!

Mom: Hi we are here!

Me: That's great! How were your flights?

Mom: They were fine until I lost my shoe.

Me: The shoes you carried in or the ones you wore on your feet?

Mom: The ones on my feet. Don't ask oh and I talked my friend out of buying a cheese head in Wisconsin.

Me: I am going to regret asking the following but a. how do you lose a shoe in the airport that was on your foot and b. who buys a cheese head in the first place?

Mom's friend pipes up in the background: I do! For my grand kids but your mom said no(in a whiny I didn't get my way voice.)

Me: Well you stopped certain disaster there.

Mom: Yeah I thought so too. So, I took my shoes off because my other shoes were getting to heavy to carry. I put the other shoes on and seemed to have left a shoe on the plane.

Me: Are you going to buy new shoes in New York? (God save New York the evil twins are there together!)

Mom: No! Its cold here I need the ones I have on.

Me: Well you might just chuck the extra shoe then.

Mom: I'm thinking about it.  Okay I'm going to call your brother now!

Me: You might want to not tell him about the shoe.

Mom: Bah!

Well as Zach says the genetics are strong in our family. Maybe I should just apologize to my children now for being a total nut later....Or the maybe for being one now....Choices, choices.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Fun family facts I learn driving with my grandmother. Evil is in our genetics.

Driving home from the bank the other day with my grandmother.

G: Go exactly 35 on this road please.

Me: Okay.....

G: Did I ever tell you that I learned how to drive in San Francisco?

Me: No.

G: Yes, I used to go up to the city to practice my driving because the speed limit was 25 miles per hour. So I could drive 25 and not get in trouble. It ticked a lot of taxi cab drivers off, but I enjoyed that.

Me: You're funny. (I have wondered a time or two where I get my humor from. I wonder no longer.)

G: So here on this road it is 35 miles an hour and they can't do anything about me doing the speed limit. It tickles me to upset so many people just because I am following the laws.

Later in the week we went to San Francisco to take my grandmother to see the premier of "Class Dismissed". (My aunt is in the documentary.) I'll be darned it the speed limit isn't still 25.

G: Don't drive too fast now. Diego did Ari tell you how I learned to drive?

D: No.

So she told him we all got a good giggle.

This morning I am relaying the whole story to my sister in law.

Me: So T, I finally figured out where the evil in our family comes from.

T: Where? Pop?

Me: No! G! She is so bad and evil it must be in our genetics!

Adam:'re evil!

Me: Again I say it's genetics! Apparently it has already been passed down.

Adam: Sorry mom, you aren't evil. I love you.


Diego overhearing this story looks over at me and says "he's sorry but he does think you're evil."


Monday, October 13, 2014

Mom...Can we water the plants?

The children asked to water the plants.....
 They got the watering can and went to work......
 At first glimpse they are so cute watering the plants together......
 Then starting to look not so cute. More like push watering to me.....
 And a little more push watering.
 Okay! Stop watering your brother!
 Okay! I'll water myself!
 And the patio.

I'm not sure the plants really got a whole lot of water....

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Save me from plotting teenagers.....

I love my teenager. He is still in his early teens and has a wicked sense of humor. Tonight was one of those nights I came home with him looked at Diego and said "this child is evil."

D: Why? (In a tone that said really lady? Get a grip.)

Me: On the car ride home we were discussing how some teens and how they end up rebelling.

D: Okay so how is he evil again?

Me: This child says to me "I don't know why these teens don't plot their rebellions better."

Z: Yeah I mean really, why don't they figure out all their parents buttons and push them systematically. Much more effective then rebelling and getting in trouble not just from your parents but from society.

Me: See!!!! Evil!!!!

D: Wonder where he gets that from.

Me: Shut up.