Monday, December 30, 2013

Getting older.....

Happy Birthday to me.....I can't complain too much about my day so far.  I was awakened at 3:00 this morning with Corbin screaming that his ear hurt.  After getting him handled until the doctor could see him I went back to bed.  The next time I woke up I received a card and coffee in bed. To my chagrin the card came with instructions, you open it, it sings to you, then you have to blow out the candles.  It took me three try's to blow them out.  In my defense I do have a cold, though I'm not sure that is much of a defense.

Went to the doctors for Corbin, got some Starbucks and got to sit and lounge for a little bit while my mom took the boys shopping. When they got home from shopping I got the biggest hug from Corbin.

C:  Mom you remember when you were younger?

Me:  That was yesterday.

C:  Yeah...It's your birthday...I'm so sorry.

Me:  For what?

C:  Your old now. I love you.

Well there you have it.  I'm old.  Nothing like kids to tell you how it is.

Saturday, December 21, 2013


I swear every year I am never going to make cookies with my mom again.  We always make too many different kinds and too many cookies in general.  By the time we are done I cannot stand the smell of sugary items.  They make my stomach churn.  This year again I said no.  I will not make cookies.  I even said this to my mother more than once.

Ah but I'm a sucker.

By the end of the night my mother had left and we still had at least 3 kinds of cookies to finish. Why do I continually agree to to this? It took me two days to finish the last three kinds of cookies and I still have dough left and supplies to make twenty more kinds. They are finished.  And I am never doing this again.....I know I said never and I always do. Ah but this year is different.  I believe that after my mothers allergic reaction to the flour I will never be forced to bake cookies again. By saying never so I'm toast, its worth trying though. Sad that I find glee in someone else's allergy.  Bwa Haa Haa no more cookies!!!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

What do gingerbread houses and hot glue have to do with each other?

Sitting in the school room teaching Corbin division.  (More like telling him to stop messing with me and finish his math problems)  I hear someone getting into a box and plastic wrap.  (I like to pretend that this stuff isn't happening.) I hear the sweet baby voice of Adam questioning Diego on what he's doing.

A: What are you doing?

D:  Getting the gingerbread houses out so you guys can work on them.

A:  Ohhhhh.  Are you going to glue them?

D: No silly that's what the frosting is for.

A: Grandmother glued them last time.

How does he remember this, I think it was two years ago she did that.  Oh and yes she totally hot glued them together. That's exactly what she said when she brought the kit in my house looked at Diego and said "Good luck, Adam wanted this.  Last time I had to hot glue the houses to make them stay." It was like daring him to do something.

D: Yeah we aren't going to glue them this year.

A:  Well, Diego is good so it should work this way.


There was a whole side conversation from Zach trying to dispute the hot glue theory but he finally conceded that yes she did hot glue the houses in the end.

Monday, December 9, 2013

He just licked my neck

I'm on the phone and doing laundry.  I walk out of the living room for two minutes.  I walk back in the room to observe my oldest child kicking my middle child.

In almost complete unison:  "He started it!"

Me: What is the matter with you two?!?!?!

Zach: He hit me.

Me: So you kicked him across the room?

He just looks at me with the look of I knew better but I did it anyway.

Zach:  Sorry Corbin.

Corbin:  Sorry Zach.

Then Corbin leans in and hugs Zach.  This may look like the sweet innocent hug but oh no.

Zach:  Did you just lick my neck?

Corbin:  No.  I just breathed on you.

Some days it is so hard to stop my laughter.  I giggled.

Zach:  No. Mom he licked my neck.

Me:  Corbin, did you just lick your brothers neck?

Corbin:  No, really I was just breathing on his neck.

Me:  Why?

Corbin:  I couldn't breath.

Me:  Apologize to your brother for licking his neck.

Corbin: Sorry Zach. (he goes to give his brother another hug with a slightly evil look in his eyes)

Me:  Nope just say you're sorry you don't need to hug him again.

I guess I can add don't lick your brother while apologizing to him another thing I never thought I would have to say.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

The best compliment a parent can receive.

I took my Zachary to the dentist.  I let him go in by himself so I didn't have to endure the little boys in the dentists office which is never really fun. I received a text message from Zach to come make his next appointment.  I walked in and he is doing magic tricks for the whole staff.  I asked him to do another of his tricks and then get in the car.  The staff seemed really amazed by his tricks I was pretty sure they were just feeding his ego.

The lady at the front desk starts asking me what days are best.  I tell her and she starts to make the appointment when the hygienist looks at her:

Hygienist:  You need to make it before 1pm.

Me:  Okay I can do that, any particular reason?

Hygienist:  I want to work with him again. That kid is awesome, he has really clean teeth, he's funny, and to top it off he does magic, like really good magic.

Nothing like a complete stranger complimenting your child and I guess he really was having fun watching Zach do magic.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Throw back Thursday does not mean regression of behavior....I hope.

Today was a very, very long day and its still early.  I guess in retrospect I could see the tantrum coming. All last week we narrowly avoided the breakdowns that were simmering, what used to be a daily occurrence for my dear sweet Corbin.

Alas the breakdown could wait no longer.  Christmas, all the changes in decorations of the house, the weather(having an allergy to the cold sucks), his brother teaching his karate class this morning instead of the usual instructor, or Diego being gone this morning when he got up.  Whatever it was it brought out the unreasonable side of my child.

I have been, hit, screamed at, and fired. Yes fired.  (Apparently children can fire their parents, its not effective but I'm sure it makes him feel better.) All in the course of about 10 minutes.  I must send an email apologizing to my host for my child's outburst and my wanting to exit the home as soon as was safely possible.

Maybe I have been too involved in other things to make this observation but until today I have never seen him sabotage himself into a tantrum.  Maybe he just needed a release, wish he had chosen a better venue but there really never is a good place for these breakdowns.  He made a conscious choice to make himself unhappy. Even given the choice to make a change he chose to be miserable. I'm pretty sure when people post stuff on Facebook about throw back Thursday it's not supposed to include behavior.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Can you find it?

Can you see what I see in this picture?  Something that does not belong in an indoor trash can.  

Apparently my children are no longer afraid of 1. gifts from the cats and 2. Snakes.

I swear if he try's to throw that at me again I'm going to put it on his lap top.  Maybe I need to get some novelty ones to put on his lap top anyway.....I will blame it on the cats, you know those darn cats can be sneaky.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Elf on the Shelf is a little too happy this year.

The children woke up to day 2 of the Elf on the Shelf.  Usually the Elf cannot get off his skinny little butt and change his location.  This year the little Elf has decided not only to move but to take liberties with the kids computers and Diego's phone.  I received the following text message:

Good Elf:  I hope you don't mind but you looked like you were having fun playing this game that I thought I would try it out.  Mine craft is really fun. Ps.....I had to borrow Diego's phone.  Hope he doesn't mind. :-) "Good Elf"

The Selfie that came with the text message.
The expression on Adams face was priceless.  Corbin walked into the room the elf was hiding, looked at the Elf and said "really? Really?"  The kids then went to church where Adam told everyone he could about the silly elf in our house.  They then went to their dads. I was surprised to see the Elf move again even when the kids were gone.  I think the Elf may have a drinking problem.