Tuesday, November 20, 2012

She's Old and Cranky

The other day we were working on language arts...yes I actually sometimes make my children do worksheets.  ;-)  Corbin was asked to write about something old....

Me: Corbin, what is something old?

C:  Grandmother Cacu. 

Me:  Maybe we should think of something else that is old.

C:  No, she says she is ancient and I think that's pretty much as old as you can get. (I can't control my laughter at this point so I told him to go ahead and write his sentence.)

 He wrote....Cacu is very old.

This morning I have extra children in my house (nothing new there) my mom had come over to take them to their classes since my back is still out and well.....I want to go see the new Twilight movie on $5.00 day so I don't have to pay 10.75 for the leather seats and a bad movie.  The conversation went like this:

Mom: Boys get your shoes on!

Boys:  Grumble Grumble, yeah we're working on it.

Me:  Stop messing with your grandmother....she's old and cranky this morning.

C:  Yeah she's old...

Mom:  Corbin, did you say I was old?


Z: You tell us all the time that you are old...What did you expect him to say?

C:  You're cranky and very old.

Mom:  You little brat!  Get in the car!

F:  Ms. Flamik....does having hot flashes everyday mean you are old? (I almost spit my coffee out.  I actually had to go to the sink before I choked on it.) I mean really that's what my mom says.

Me:  Get your shoes on and go to class!  All of you!

Really it is her own fault for telling the boys she's old....Hee Hee.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Kill the baby?

Sitting in the living room, the boys dad and I were discussing plans for the upcoming week.  From the front room we hear Zach and friend skyping with another friend......

F: Kill the Baby!!!
Z: I'm trying!  He keeps getting away!
SF: Hurry up and kill him!
F:  Yeah Kill the baby!

The boys dad looks to the room and says:

What in the world are you guys doing?  Did I just hear you say kill the baby?  What are you playing??

F:  Yeah I said kill the baby Mr. Flamik.
D: Why?
F: Oh cause that's the guys call sign baby something on Mine Craft.
Z:  Yeah dad, we are killing a guy who is creeping on us in the Hunger Games version of Mine Craft. 
F:  Yeah we aren't killing real baby's...That would be wrong, unless they were creepers, then we would totally kill them.
D:  Okay then..(shaking his head and chuckling)
Me:  I am so blogging this.
D:  I figured.....

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Careful what you pray for.....

One of my BFF's has been hoping and praying to be blessed with another child.  She loves children is fantastic with them and is such a great mommy. 

My children and I decided that she didn't just need one more baby we thought two would be quite lovely. So for the past almost year we have been praying every single night that Auntie would have twins. (I have decided I will not make this prayer for others in the future....)

Yesterday, she got the news that they were going to be blessed with two little girls.....I haven't heard from her since except a text to say:

Definitely have our hands full!
Me: Guess this puts a damper on going to Vegas...LOL
Oh a wee bit!
Me: Darn!
Got to go can't talk anymore!
Me:  And it begins.  LOL

As I was sitting at home in the silence, with my back out, and my children at their fathers I realized that I had done a very mean thing to my friend.....I wished lots of babies upon her....I wonder if the thought that went through my head at that moment wasn't even worse....I bet now she'll get pregnant....With twins.  Guess we should be careful of what we pray for.....LOL

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Plungers are not toys!!!!

Talking to my mother on the phone this morning getting ready to have 10 plus kids in my house for the afternoon, I happen to look in on my child who has left the bathroom door completely open....We are working on this I promise.

No mom I don't have the kids for.......Corbin! Do not play with the plunger while sitting on the toilet!

Mom:  I'll let you go now.  (As she is giggling and trying not to let me know it!)

Why do these things always happen when I'm on the phone?  Sigh.  Hey at least I got the warning letter first.

Sorry I'm Closed Today

I found this sign on Corbin's door....I knew it was my warning sign of things to come. 
Later in the morning as I am driving there is a yelp from the back of the car. 
C:  Mom!  My leg is stuck!
So, get it unstuck. (I'm oh so helpful when driving, hey at least I'm paying attention to the road.)
C:  I can't!  HELP!!!!
I look back and see......His leg is twisted in his seat belt.  What in the world.  I am not even sure how he got his leg stuck and at that moment I wished Zach was in the car to take a picture and get his brother unstuck.  So I did the nest best thing.  I found a safe place to pull over got out of the car and took my picture.  Even though he didn't want me to.  The seat belt was wrapped around his leg and it was ratcheted so you couldn't pull it forward.  After calming him down I was able to get his leg out and continue on our way.  Hey, at least I got a warning sign that he was closed for the day.  Some days I just get side swiped.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Who cut the cheese.....Boys are disgusting.

This morning I overheard a conversation between Adam and Corbin it went something like this.

C:  Who cut the cheese?

A:  You.

C:  No!  Who cut the cheese?

A:  Your butt.

C:  Who cut the cheese?

A:  Its butt cheese.

C:  What kind?

A: Stinky butt cheese.

C:  That is correct.

I find myself at a loss for words, and running in the other room silently in hysterical laughter.  (Can't let them see my mind really never progressed beyond 13.)