Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Love You More Than Apple Pie!

Adam came in my room this morning to get his morning sugar. He is a huge cuddle bug. He's so sweet and cute then he looks at me and says:

A: I love you mom.

Me: I love you too.

A:  I love you more than Apple Pie!

Me: You don't like Apple pie.

A: Yeah!  That's why I love you more than that silly.

Me:  Do you love me more than pumpkin pie?

A: Hummmmmmm.......... Yeah I love you more than pumpkin pie too.

Me: Awww. Thanks love. (He actually likes Pumpkin pie and if he said no I would have tickled the little monster! )

Monday, May 13, 2013

Lunch date that wasn't supposed to happen...

I had an acupuncturist appointment today so my wonderful mother came to karate to watch the boys for me.  Halfway through my appointment I received a text message, then another, and another.  Then my phone rang.  I was covered in needles and moving wasn't really an option so I figured it could wait five minutes.  (When am I going to start listening to that little voice in my head that says "hey stupid!  Yeah you!  Something is wrong.)

When my appointment was over and I could again move without fear of impaling myself further I checked my messages they were all from my moms phone.

Um...Zach put the keys to your car in your purse.  We can't leave karate.

Hee hee

Not really.

My response:  Really or Not Really?

Then I get the phone message,

Mom:  Ariana, your son put YOUR keys in YOUR purse not mine.  We are stuck at karate and the kids have no shoes so I can't even take them to Taco Bell.

Oh goodie.  Now I get to rush from my doctors office to rescue them. Had I not had to rescue them we would not have been at Chick-Fil-A and the following would not have occurred:

Corbin was swatting himself.  We couldn't figure out why he was hitting himself with his book.....Then I looked at the book.  It was a comic book about a cow named......"Swatter."  Corbin took that a little too literally. 

Then a friend from church walked in, said hello to everyone and my dear sweet child looked up at him and said:

"Hey, Do you exist?"

Our friend was a little taken aback.  He looked at me for an explanation.  I looked back like good luck with that one buddy, I can't explain or help you at this point.  I can't believe he asked the question.

So our friend answered:

"I think so.  I'm here right."

C:  Yeah. 

In the same sitting we then had the following conversation:

C:  Grandmother what happened to your dad?

Mom:  He died honey.

C:  What happened to your husband grandmother?

Mom and Me:  He died.

C:  What happened to your ex-husband.....
before he could ask my mom again what happened to her husband I answer:
He Died right when he says "Mom." 

I could have died at that moment. 

C:  No he didn't!

Me:  Your right he didn't I thought you were going to ask grandmother again!  Sorry!

We all laughed so hard and then with those sweet blue eyes Corbin looks at me and says.
"Why are we laughing?"  Which sent the rest of us right back into the laughing fit.

Conversations with a 12 year old.

Sitting in the orthodontist office this morning with Zach we had a very amusing conversation about all his friends starting to get girlfriends:
Me: So... do you like someone?
Z: Uh No. (With a look of disbelief)
Me: Would you tell me?
Z: Yeah.
Me:  Really?
Z: Yes mom. I would tell you.
Me: I promise not to make fun of you.
Z:  No you don't.
Me: Okay I won't tease you in front of your friends.
Z:  Yeah sure you won't mom. (Did I hear sarcasm in that tone?  Yes. Yes I did.)
Me:  You would still tell me?
Z:  Yeah. Better I tell you than you find out. You always find out anyway. 
Hee hee.