Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A text I never thought I would receive....I almost shot my drink out of my nose.

One of my dear friends sent me a text last night that had me laughing so hard I couldn't even relay the message to Diego. I had to give him my phone so he could read it. I'm pretty sure when he looks at me shakes his head and goes in the other room he is really laughing with me in his own way. At least that's what I'm going to keep telling myself.
This is what I received :
Tell me, what do you do when someone floats a shark when you're playing in the tub?  Scream?  Get out with extreme urgency?  Quickly push it away? 
(Since the text came in pieces at this point I'm trying to figure out what "floating a shark" is.)
Why no!  You rub it all over yourself!  And the tub and whatever other toys you can reach.  Why I found some on the lips ... I'm trying not to imagine. *creepy chills*
Me: (Oh my!  I think I figured it out now! ) You have got to be kidding me!
Me:  That my friend is just nasty. I will keep the names of the innocent out but I am so blogging this, never thought you would have to say or clean that up. 
I am very grateful that to date I have not yet had to say to my children "do not play with sharks in the bathtub."

Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 5!!!! It is almost over!!!! Just the performance left!

Today was the 5th and final day of camp before the show on Sunday!   My hair color of the day?  Rainbow.  The claw did attend our final day. (Pictures to come sometime in the near future.) It always amazes me what can be pulled together on the final day.  When everything is said and done the kids always make the performance work. They are going to be fantastic! 

Funny but after day 3 I am now used to getting up and moving at 7 and so are the kids.  What oh what will we do with this extra hour we have discovered?  I know!  Try to un-discover it!  Probably won't happen quickly.  Oh well, more time for cleaning and school work.  Now time for a nap....

Day 4..Pedicures, Shopping, and Good Friends.

Day 4 of M and D camp.  Only two more days to go.  Today I got my sense of humor back.  Its not as bad getting up at 7 am today and of course it is always better to have a sense of humor.  Especially when working with kids. 

Today was especially nice when I went home to find my BFF ready to go get a pedicure and shop for silly things that make us happy.  We don't buy much but when we do we usually laugh.  Today was 5.00 Alligator necklaces.  They seem to match our claws as they are missing two of their legs!  Tomorrow is the last day of camp!  I might need an extra shot of caffeine tomorrow.  :-) 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Day 3....You would think getting up would be easier

7:00am is just not my friend.  Though I have to say that at the end of today I was much less exhausted.  I still am not sure I would have enough energy to do this everyday.  God bless those who do.  Hey by trial and error over the last three days we have learned not to put table cloths out until the little ones are done, that some kids respond better to loud and direct people than others, and that if Corbin has the right shoes we have much less flip out sessions!   Oh, and Adam listens to everything and will one day be as formidable as his brother in parroting everything I say, as soon as he starts being intelligible with his speech all the time.

On our way taking the 5 helpers and 2 campers home the conversation turned to our awesome new Junior High director and zombies. (By no way are they connected.)  The zombie game became very detailed in the descriptions(the Junior High guy not so much, just that he was awesome):

The first child says, and the Zombies ate their heads off and there was so much blood!

Adam:  Excuse me guys!


Adam:  Little kids in the car.

LOL!  You are right!  Sorry Adam!

I love that boy!  I didn't even have to scold the big kids for talking about inappropriate stuff in front of the little boys.  Adam did it for me!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Day 2 of camp is always fun.....Not.

We do not do mornings.  7 am comes too fast and for those of us who are night owls well, 7 am is kind of not something we like to see, God forbid 6am, there really shouldn't be such a time.  Music and Drama camp comes but once a year so once a year I see 7 am everyday as do my children.  Can I say that some of us adapt well to this occurrence and well some do not.  Corbin and I do not.  The others in the house function beautifully.  (sickos)

This morning before camp, I was screamed at, lost my temper, and really wanted to go back to bed before we even arrived at camp.  During the day we had great kids and then what I will call the gremlins.  They look so cute and innocent but then you turn around and they have shredded an entire table cloth.  Yes, I am talking about the K-2 kids.  They were our last group of the day and I was so grateful that the day was over but no.  Corbin decided to have a complete meltdown and made me carry him out of the church. Which I am sure entertained more than one person to see me carrying a 60lb child like a baby, his butt almost dragging on the ground.  Tomorrow I will be bringing him his own lunch so he can't complain that he didn't get a jelly sandwich or any other type of food he can possibly complain about.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring more humor to the situation and less me wanting to run away and rock in the corner.  Hey at least I didn't come home and go straight to bed.  (No, I helped clean the pool, maybe that will make the little monsters sleep tonight. NO you can't get out of the pool yet swim some more!)

Monday, July 22, 2013

The return of Music and Drama Camp.....I did it again?

Day one of music and drama camp.  Every year I say I'm not going to do it again and every year I change my mind.  I forget the exhaustion that hits at the end of the first day.  I don't think I was ever made for a 9 to 5 job.  I would need a nap at the end.  God bless all those teachers out there who get up every morning to deal with children who are not their own. 

Nothing exciting happened today.  I was reminded of a prior incident that I have yet to blog but was requested that I do.

One of the gentlemen that attends our church is from Ethiopia, he is black.  Corbin was about 5 need I say more.  Apparently so.

Corbin walked up to our friend and looked at his arm.  Then he picked his own arm up and looked at it, put his arm next to our friends.  Put his arm down and his hand on our friends and started rubbing.

C:  I think your kinda dirty.

F:  No I was born that way.

C:  You were born dirty? (Fortunately our friend has a sense of humor and laughed, and knows Corbin means nothing by the comment.)

F:  No that's just how my skin is.

C:  Hummm.. It looks like chocolate.  (And proceeded to try and lick him.)

God bless them both.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Another thing to remember.....Say nothing you don't want repeated in front of the number 2 son.

We were at karate this morning and as moms we discuss some concerns for husbands jobs, family, and general life concerns.  One of my friends husbands walked in and apparently when he lost his job we had discussed this in front of Corbin.  Since then thankfully he has been working but Corbin, sigh is Corbin:
C:  Hey Mr. did you get a job yet? (me mortified, hanging my head in embarrassment.  Sorry!)

F:  I always have work.

C:  That's good.

Note to self:  DO NOT DISCUSS ANYTHING that you do not want repeated in front of Corbin.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Peeling Patterns

While working out this morning I had the most interesting conversation and learned so much about many people.

Me:  I think the glue remover is actually working well.  Though it is very labor intensive.

Instructor 1:  Actually, I think Corbin has done a better job than anything else we have tried.

Me:  Really?  That's funny.

Instructor 2:  Yeah he has done a good job.  You know the benches we just painted are getting peeled too.

Me:  (Crap!)  I'm sorry.  I thought we had him stuck on the glue (hee hee, stupid pun). 

Instructor 2:  Oh, its not Corbin.

Me:  Really?  How do you know?

Instructor 2:  Zach checked the peeling patterns.

Me:  Really? (What in the world does that mean?)

Instructor 2:  Yeah, really.  Corbin has a pattern in his peeling.  He doesn't just scrape or scratch certain areas.  He works one area at a time till all the glue is gone and then he moves to another area.

Me:  Okay.  I'm not sure which I am more disturbed by, the fact that Corbin peels things in patterns or that not only does Zach know these patterns but you guys know them. 

Instructor 2:  You should be disturbed by both.

Me:  Yeah.  Both.  You just became blog fodder.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Never Underestimate Corbin

For everyone who thinks that my sweet quirky Corbin is only that let me inform you of his most recent activities. 

Zachary comes home from theater yesterday:

Me:  So how was theater?

Zach:  Good, except Corbin stole my script.

Me:  What?

Zach:  Yeah, he stole my script.  I couldn't find if for like 5 minutes.

Me:  Did your instructor see him?  Did he get in trouble?

Zach:  No, he waited for her to leave the room and took it when I was talking to my friend.

Me:  Did he get caught?

Zach: No.  It magically reappeared just at the right moment.

Snicker.  Well, at least he knows not to get caught.