Sunday, December 2, 2012

Broines, Ponies, Santa and the Easter Bunny....Oh my

Sitting here watching movies with two preteens and one teen I get my best education ever. For example tonight I learned that one, the boys still can't say the word sex.  It has to be spelled.  I'll thank god for small favors.  I also learned a little more about Bronies and Ponies.  I'm slightly disturbed.  Really?  My Little Pony fans who are over the age of 13?  Bronies are the boys and Ponies are the girls.  Seriously, come on now there has to be better cartoons you could watch.  Really I believe Bevis and Butthead might be slightly more tolerable to watching ponies run around.  How about the other good old stand by Ren and Stimpy or the Animaniacs anything other than that show if you have a choice.

My next lesson of the evening.....Santa and the Easter Bunny.  Do they exist? 

Child 1: Really,"Mommy why can't I get the nice toys the other kids get?  Cause Santa only brings the nice toys to the rich kids."  (I have no words.  He had a point for sure.)  Or how about this one..."Mommy, why are there Santa's in every single mall?" 

Me:  Oh that one I can explain, elves. Oh and I can prove there is a Santa.
Child 1 rolls his eyes at me and children 2 and three chime in.

Zach: Yeah well I still believe in Santa.  But the Easter Bunny...That's my grandmother, she's the crazy Easter Bunny.

Children 1 and 2:  Yeah she is and she is the Easter Bunny.

Child 2: Ms. Flamik, Ms. Flamik, you know what?  Know What?


Child 2: You know how I know there is a Santa?

How is that dear?

Child 2: Cause I know my mom would never spend $120 on me.  And my dad? He thinks I need to grow out of Lego's already so he wouldn't buy them for me.  So since I get them for Christmas there has to be a Santa Clause.

At this point I lost it and told them to be quiet and watch their movie.  Apparently these 3 want to talk their entire way through the movie.  I'm all for snarkie comments during a movie but really a conversation that has nothing to do with the movie is not my thing.

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