Thursday, December 20, 2012

I need an elf reminder.

You know all the traditions people pass on to you like they are so wonderful.  Well, I have to say that next time I think I will pass.  Being a single parent makes all these traditions a little more difficult to make happen. What am I talking about? The Elf on the Shelf.  I hate the Elf. I can't remember to move him every night, you would think its just a little Elf how hard could it be?

Hard enough that even though I am writing about what the boys dad calls the "little nark", I won't move him tonight either.  He will remain on the picture in the hallway till I put him away, maybe if I remember on Christmas day.

I need a reminder put on my phone that goes off at 9:30pm every night to remind me to move the little bugger before the kids think that they are really bad.  You know in the story it says he won't go back to Santa at night if they are naughty(okay so I added that part one year when they were being really naughty).  If they weren't already in therapy I'd say this would be another cause for therapy later in life, but since they have already been in therapy that will just extend my bills.

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