Monday, December 10, 2012

Do you want one Mommy?

My mom had the kids over for the night on Saturday.  You can only guess what she bought them....Doughnuts!  What else could it be?  (Not rabbits, I will be grateful.)

This morning Adam came into the living room where I was working on his brothers computer:

A:  Mom do you want a doughnut?

Me:  No thank you honey.

A:  Okay mommy. 
He walks out of the room and back in again.  This time he was carrying two doughnuts, one chocolate and the other powdered sugar.

A:  Here you go Mommy!

Me:  I though I told you I didn't want one honey.

A:  That's why I brought you two!  So you could have one of each!

Me:  Why do I need to eat one of each?

A:  Cause!!! They are delicious!!!!

I ate the doughnuts.  Though not usually my thing.  They were delicious because that boy gave them to me and he giggled and smiled the whole time I ate them.  Little turkey!

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