Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Barf-Mas!

Never a dull moment in our household.

Yesterday I got an almost gleeful text from Zach, who still had a sleepover hangover from his birthday party that went something like this:

Corbin's not feeling so well.

Me:  What's wrong with him?

Z: He just puked. :-)

Me:  Darn it!

Z:  We were in the car.

Me: Oh yuck.

Z:  We are going back to dads house now.

Me: Okay then.

Z:  I'm glad I'm sitting in the Back

Me:  Nice.

Then I hear from his dad.

Corbin puked in the car.

Me:  Sorry.  He was fine when I dropped him off.

D:  Yeah, I took it seriously when the puke hit the back of my neck in the drivers seat.

Me:  I'm sorry there is no way I cannot laugh at that, excuse me for a moment while I regain my composure.  Never mind composure is not going to come back. (I laughed so hard I started crying.)

D:  Yeah...I got that...Thanks.

Me:  Well, Merry Barf-mas!  (Hey, I got to deal with the puking all morning long so fair is fair.)

Corbin is feeling better now.  He got up after a little rest and started putting his Lego's together and eating skittles.  Could be worse at least now his puke won't taste as bad and he'll barf up a rainbow!

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