Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cookies, Cookies Everywhere!?

The other day I was talking with my mom and the conversation turned to cookies as it does most years around this time. 

Mom:  I really want to make some cookies but I don't want to eat any and I don't want them at my house.

Me:  Okay. (Do I tell her I planned on making some cookies or do I say no way we are so not doing that!)  Well I was planning on making a few this year but probably not more than 5 different kinds.(I'm a sucker!)

Mom:  Okay great!  I will go to the store and get all the stuff you will need and start today!

Me:  Mom, I have all the stuff I need.

Mom:  No, you don't.

Me: Yes mom, okay. (I have learned over the years its easier not to fight her and just go with whatever it is she wants to do and clean up later.)

I got home from my clients that day and found 3 things. 

1.  My kitchen was destroyed to the point I though I might need a shop vac to clean it up.
2.  My mother had finished 3 types of cookies cooked all the way.
3.  She left 12 cookie dough packages in my fridge, ready and waiting to be baked whenever I was.....

Today, I got through 3 different types.  I baked over 150 cookies today, burned my arm once, and now I have to clean my kitchen again.  Can I go to bed now?

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