Monday, December 10, 2012

Out of order and Santa....Sigh.

A warning sign of things to come for the week....I think so.
I think I'm going to use this on my Facebook page when I'm having a bad day.  I would like to be out of order too.  Unfortunately that isn't possible being the homeschooling, full time working, mom of three but hey everyone has to have their goals.
Then we went to see Santa.  Nothing like taking a 12 year old to see Santa.  Really?  No the four year old was the problem.  Really mom you want me to sit in that strange mans lap?  Okay but I'm not going to like it.....My brother is going to let him know for me too.
That's right Corbin! Give him the bird for me would ya? 

I am going to use this as our Christmas card this year if I ever get around to sending some out.  I may just need to photo shop the claw in there instead of the bird though....

Ah and to top the end of the week off here is one of my favorites:

C: Mom no one messes with my friends or me.

Me:  That's right.

A: Mom, you mess with everyone.....

Who's idea was it to teach that child to talk?


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