Monday, April 30, 2012

To Ice or Not To Ice....That was the question!

Our night time routine consists of taking showers, getting jammies on, brushing teeth, prayers and then if I'm not done a bedtime story.  Last night was no different.  Except.....As Adam was getting out of the shower he slipped and fell on the enclosure portion right between his legs.  I just missed catching him.  Poor guy was screaming and holding his bottom and other portions of his lower extremity's.  So what is a mom to do?  I get him calmed down and ready for bed as best I can with his problem area.   There was a line across his little special area.  (Zach says TMI mom TMI)  I start making phone calls and texting to see what to do. 

I finally got a hold of someone who not only has the same parts as Adam but has a clue as to if I should ice or not.  The answer was this:

"Is it swelling?"

No just a really red line across them.

"Don't ice it then, if it swells you can but don't do it unless it swells or changes color."

Okay......Sorry I just don't have the same equipment.  What do I know. 

After a few minutes I get a text from his dad asking me what is wrong, I called him while he was in a meeting, so I texted him:

Adam fell getting out of the shower and landed on his special parts and butt on the divider.  He slipped and I couldn't catch him.  I was going to apply ice but was advised against that.  So I gave him Tylenol and he's in bed now.  I just wanted to know if I should ice his parts or not.

Don't spit your coffee out.  I don't know theses things.  I don't have those parts!

"Don't ice his parts"

Yeah.  I got that. Thanks.

In the mean time I had sent some of my other friends text messages to get their thoughts on the issue.  The following responses are what I received and you can tell men from women in these responses:

Really?  I didn't know you are not supposed to ice the parts, can't think of a reason why not....

If you were told no ice why question it?  Watch for swelling or color change and you are all good......I am sure he will be fine.  I have split the damn around our spa many times.  Nothing bad.  Just sore and didn't last long.

Poor Adam.  Yeh I would not know what to do either.  Call the advise nurse?

Thank you to all who responded.  You made me feel less like an idiot and saved poor Adam from an icing that I guess would have been uncomfortable. 

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  1. Oh man! Poor little guy! I don't have those parts either, but I understand the extreme sensitivity of that area. The only thing I can think is perhaps ice would interfere with sperm production, but why would you worry about that at his age? I'm lucky I have a very good friend who's a pediatric advice nurse for Kaiser. I always go to her with my questions.

    Hope Adam's feeling better today. Again, poor guy!!!

    Debbie K.