Thursday, April 19, 2012

2am What are you doing????????

I'm a night owl.  Always have been.  I seem to need only 5 to 6 hours of sleep to function.  If I get more, well watch out world and I'm up later the next night.

As I'm fading off to sleep last night which was actually this morning I hear a scraping and banging sound.  Its not constant at first so I roll over and attempt sleep again.  Hey I've seen horror movies the chick who checks out the sound always gets dead.  I realize as the sound is getting more persistent its coming from the boys room.  Crap.  Now I'm wondering which child is up at 2am!  Come on now go to sleep! 

Yes, I finally get up to find out what in the world is scraping down my walls.  I turn on their light and find Corbin scraping the wall to find the outlet for his night light.

Corbin, what are you doing?

My light is broken. 

Awww, I'm sorry.  Go to bed. 

But I need it.

Okay, why did you unplug it?

Because its not working!  (Isn't that what we do when the computers and everything else go wrong turn it off and start over?  Smart boy.)  I plug it back in.  Still not working.  I get the one from the bathroom....its not working either......the hallway one...not working!  Its 2 am I want to sleep!  Ahhh the light turtle, if you haven't seen one then your loss.  The light turtle was a gift from my auntie that the boys use to go to sleep with, it has the constellations and....LIGHT!!!

Ahhh sleep at last.

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