Thursday, April 5, 2012

Peeling glue is like peeling skin.

It is a beautiful day the sun is shining the birds are singing and my Corbin was up early this morning. 

I was up early too, working in my office, I heard Corbin get up and start his morning routine of getting dressed and playing in his room.  Then silence.  Silence as I have said before is never good especially when Zach isn't home. 

I wonder out of my office to find the source of the silence.  What oh, what do I find?  The smell of glue hits me before I enter the room , I enter the room to see Corbin sitting in the rocking chair peeling his hands.  Hummmm.

Corbin, what are you doing?

Peeling Glue.

Why did you put glue on your hands?

Cause its like peeling skin.  But its really hard to get off. (eewwwww!!!!  The memory comes back of him trying to peel the skin off his fathers foot and I remember having to tell him not to peel other people's skin!)

Okay then.  Could you pick up the mess when you are done please.

Yes mom.  Oh wait I know a better way to get it off my hands!


Yeah!  (as he's running from the room)  I'll wash my hands!

There's my good little problem solver!  And he wasn't peeling someone elses skin.

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