Thursday, April 26, 2012

Cub Scouts is just fodder for things you never thought you would have to say.

Those who know of our travels through cub scouts with our boys will know that I and the boys dad and another friend spent 5 years leading Zachary's huge den of cub scouts.  It was abnormally large at our peak there were 12 boys.  10 finished with their Arrow of Lights.  So when Corbin joined scouts 2 years ago I said I was not doing the whole thing again.  It was a ton of work and well, I'm not sure I could deal with Corbin and extra kids too.

Tonight I got to view Corbin's den and say things that really not in my wildest dreams could I have made up.  You see they were learning about plants, how to grow them, feed them and take care of them.  Generally I kill plants so this is good information for my children to receive.  Corbin's den leader has this worm composter that drains the excess, ummmmm, worm pee for lack of a better term into a little bin and the children were feeding it to the plants in the garden.

Boys, share the worm pee.
Corbin, honey, you can help pour the worm pee.  (seriously did I just say that?)  That was so nice your taking turns with the pee.  Good job boys sharing the worm pee.  I just made my own skin crawl. 

The best part was when Zach leaned over and said "Mom, Corbin isn't the worst of them."  Out of the mouths of babes.  Not that the kids were bad its just nice to see he's not the only high energy child in the bunch. 

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