Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mom, It is Shakespear.

If I had any delusion that my children don't listen to every single word I say, even when I don't think they are listening, well I'd be wrong.

Zach got a special invitation from his good friend to go with their family to Oregon and the Shakespeare festival in Ashland this summer.

So I make the proper phone calls to make sure that no one has any big plans during that time and start going through the schedule.  As I'm talking to his dad I mention that it really is a great opportunity and for his education!  Everyone is agreed and after I look at the calendar I tell Zach:

You know you  are going to miss piano and a boy scout camping trip.

Well, I really do want to do the piano recital......But this is Shakespeare we are talking about Mom. 

LOL....Okay its also seven days.

Yeah... Its just like when I went last summer for 5 days just two more days and better cell service.

I do not wonder if this is my child.  I know.


  1. Did he really say that? "Better cell service"??
    Wow. He'll love the Shakespeare festival. We go every year in Sept.
    Does this mean I cross piano recital off my calendar?

    xxox D

  2. Yes he did. You never know what is going to come out of his mouth. Yes that means no recital though his instructor is trying to get him to do a private family show. He is very exctied. I didn't know you went every year! I'm jealous!
    Love you!