Monday, April 2, 2012

My finger

Zachary came home today from a sleepover with a purple and swollen finger.  Now its not just any finger oh no it has to be his middle finger.  Does he realize the implications of this, of course not.  Zach doesn't want to miss anything this week so he has spent the last hour telling me his finger is fine, its just jammed mom.  Muuummmm hummmm. 

So Corbin asks for bologna with his lasagna (don't ask me, I stopped trying to figure him out and just accommodate when I can).  (this is totally related trust me I'll get to the point.)  Then he asks to make a sandwich.  That's fine. 

Mom can I have some ranch?  ( I'm grossed out but as long as the 45lb 7 year old eats what do I care?)

Zach: You don't need any ranch.

Me:  Hey be nice to your brother, he can have ranch.

Zach:  That's wrong.

Please can I have the ranch now???

Me:  Zach get your brother the ranch please.

Zach:  Shows me his finger and says ow my finger.  (If he knew what he was doing that was wrong and funny.  Since I don't think he did it on purpose its just funny to me.:-))  Little monster!

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  1. Funny boy. Finger is fine till he needs to do something for his little brother. Typical kid! ;-)