Monday, April 16, 2012

Alien's Have kidnapped my children and replaced them.

The dentist has been a major issue in our house for years.  Corbin has literally been through at least 6 of them.  Due to his sensitivities to cold, noise, and textures...(see me rolling my eyes) we had a very difficult time finding a dentist that could help him without knocking him out completely.  No one wants to work on a child that screams and bites you.  Even me.  About 3 years ago I found the best dentist in the area.  Dr. Cindy Weideman is the best children's dentist ever!  She was willing to hold Corbin down and get the major work of crowns done without all the things that made it unsafe for him to have the work done.  She has put up with being bitten and screamed at for literally 2 hours straight.  She's a saint. 

Every visit to the dentist has been a battle until the last few months.  I was positive that I would never be able to just sit through him getting any kind of work done.  So when we went to the dentist for his cleaning last month and he opened his mouth and did everything he needed to do including getting 2 sealants, not only was I amazed but the dentist and hygienist were as well.

Last month was nothing compared to this morning.  Corbin needed to have 2 cavities filled and 4 sealants.  I was totally prepared to hold his legs to keep him from kicking the dentist and hygienists.  My sweet little boy turned evil monster by the dentist never appeared.  He laid there helping the dentist with the suction straw the whole time.  What I booked out as two hours on my calendar was one hour with wait time.  He never screamed once.   Dr. Cindy never had to put her earplugs in or even put a jaw holder in his mouth to keep it open.  He held his mouth open by himself the whole time.  There are miracles that occur everyday.  Even the Dr. said that she had never seen anything like him, so polite even when he was so unhappy and so sweet.  I am so proud of him.  He has come so far.  I had to cry when it was all done and so did the hygienist, this is a day we both never thought would come.  God is good!  Aliens, they have taken my son, I think I'll keep the one they left!

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  1. Oh, Ariana! Thanks for sharing this sweet episode. You are an amazing mom and I'm so glad you've found people like your very caring dentist and hygienist to be part of your team. So thankful this visit was not traumatizing to any of you, especially to Corbin. Yay!