Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh boy, Hunger Games Home Edition

When I got home today, I was missing a child.  So I texted my friend to ask if I should pick him up or if she wanted to drop him off. 

I'm home whenever you are done with my little monster.

They're playing the hunger games outside now.  I'll let you know if he survives.


Zach won. 

When the boys got here I had to ask them some questions about the Hungar Games home edition.
How does that work?  Is it like brutal hide and seek?

Cal:  Whoever has the biggest stick wins. (ummm.....bad mind!  BAD!) 

Zach:  If you get touched you're dead, you you have to eat a berry every 5 minutes or you will die of starvation and basically you run for the cornucopia for the sticks piled up and whoever gets the longest stick wins! (ROFLOL)

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