Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Why is your mouth blue?????

Getting ready for bed tonight was entertaining as it seems is the usual around here. 
Adam - Dinosaurs are going to kill me.

Me - They don't exist.

Zach - ANYMORE mom.
(grrrrrrr, seriously child lets not encourage your brother to be afraid of something that no longer lives!)

Adam - Oh....Then butts are going to kill me.

I looked at Zach puzzled.....

Me - Did he just say.....

Zach -  Adam, butts aren't going to kill you.......Though they could.......

Me - Stop!

Adam - Yeah they could.  (Why am I about to ask the 11 year old how that is possible?  I'm trying not to really hard)

Me - Adam go get your jammies on! (as he is running down the hall I turn to Zach)  Okay really?  How is a butt going to kill you?  (I had to ask right?)

Zach - Well if someone sits on your face you could suffocate.  And then what if they.....farted?  That would for sure kill you.  (OMG, how can I not be on the floor at this point is beyond me.)

Me -  Humm....interesting...Brush your teeth. (As I am saying this Corbin comes into the room with his mouth completely blue and his fingers too!)  Corbin!  WHAT did you eat that was blue?

Corbin - Nothing.

Me - Corbin what did you lick?  Zach check his room! 

Corbin -  Nothing.

Zach - Mom he licked the 3D coloring pad!

Me - Corbin did you lick that thing?

Corbin -  No........I licked my fingers then put them on the paper and erased the blue then I did it again.

STOP LICKING THINGS!!!!!!!  Go brush your teeth.  Good thing that stuff is nontoxic!  Time for bed.  Mommy is done.

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