Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not more drama....Really stop getting hurt kids!

Yesterday was such a beautiful day.  The sun was shining, the pool was open, the kids were in the pool.......And bam.....

That is so gross!  There was blood running down his leg and this is what I see.  Really?  Why?  Can't you boys go one day without trying maim or kill yourselves?    Seriously? 

What happened? 

Got hit with a squirt gun in the pool.

What?  There aren't supposed to be plastic guns in the pool!

It wasn't a plastic one mom.

What was it?


It doesn't hurt mom.

You don't say?

From the peanut gallery:  Z its just a flesh wound.  You'll live!

Man I just got here.....Now I have to go home.

Adam and Sara are supervising hitting Zach in the head.  (does it hurt now?)

My dear friend, I'm not going to throw up, I might pass out.

High Ho High Ho off to the ER we go. 



Are you going to bring the claw into the ER?

Absolutely.  I'll tell them its like your security blanket.


Look Daddy's here.

Oh....Lets take a picture of it like a clawing accident.


Yes dear.

Don't hook the claw up to oxygen.  It can't breath.

You are no fun child!

So with a little super glue we were out of there just in time for me to get a text from my sweet friend who took the two little's for me:

Your son scared the crap out of me.  C man comes into the room, hand and face covered in blood, and said, look, somethings not right.  Then he tells her husband that he has bloody buggers but between the text and C man getting the bloody nose, I am shoving Mr. Z into the car and hitting the road so my dear friend remains my friend.  Good thing I don't have a problem with driving fast.  

I am hoping that today and just for today I will not have to deal with any issues that have blood, buggers, snot, or any other bodily fluid.  Please children stop getting hurt or I'm going to stick you in a bubble for a day just so I can relax.

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