Monday, May 7, 2012

My little Horse Whisperer

Out at the ranch we keep our horse on they breed horses.  Currently there are at least 7 babies out there.  When we got to the ranch today our trainer suggested we have a field trip out to see the little ones.  Literally we walked out into the field, with Adam complaining about the horse poop every step of the way.

Some of the babies seemed so new they were barely walking.  My understanding is that most babies do not like people and are untrusting.  Not these guys.  One little foal walked right up to us and stood there with the boys who pet and even poked her. 

When we started to walk away Corbin looked back and said "come on guys!"  I will be darned if those little guys didn't start following him all the way to the gate!  When mama got a little ticked and thought her baby was going to go home with us.  I slid Adam through the fence and the rest of us quickly slipped through the gate to avoid irate mama.  That was the end of our "field" trip.

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