Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Ah, Mothers day.  The annual day you tell your mom she did a great job. (For my mom especially with what she was working with, monster children).  Thanks mom for not dumping us in Sprig Lake when we were kids and running like you were on fire to get away from us!

Today was like any other day.  Mostly. 

Z:  Morning mom
Me:  Morning (I'm not chatty before I have had coffee and a second to think about the day)
Z:  Happy Mothers Day
C:  Is it mothers day?  Man....Can't it be over yet?
Z:  It just started.
C:  Darn it.  Happy Mothers Day mom.

This is just the beginning.
At church Adam didn't want to go to his class so he sat with me and kissed me the whole service.  He's so cute, sweet, and slimy.  The best gift ever!  

After the service was over I went and got Zach and Corbin from their classes.  What did they have for me?  Hand made cards. 

Corbin, mom you are the best mom because you give me hugs.  That's what I said in my card.  Now give me one of those hugs.  (Awwww, Okay)  Now I'm getting a cookie move.  (and so went that sweet moment.)  But the card remains.....My mom has beautiful hair, blue eyes, her favorite thing to do is help me!  I like it when my mom hugs me!  My mom smiles when I clean up!  Love, Corbin

Zach has the same card.  True to his preteen age, the card is handed to me with a short "here" and the take off for the cookie table.  His says my mom has awesome hair (good boy) and blue eyes.  My mom's favorite thing to do is FUN!  I like it when my mom is cool!  My mom smiles when I have fun! 

Got to love my boys!  Best gifts I have ever gotten were them. (And maybe the trip to Europe) :-)

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