Monday, May 14, 2012

I like painting. Code for I am painting and there is not a thing you will do about it.

Today is a work day for me.  I have two or three major meetings that I have to be at.  So the boys dad is here watching them.  He has Mondays off so I generally schedule anything I can't have the kids around for on Monday mornings.  I am currently between meetings so I came back home to check in and have lunch with my lovelies.  After lunch I walk into the front room to help Mr. Z with an internet issue.  Due to our internets awesome fear of me it had repaired itself. 

As I am looking around I notice some things. 

1.  The paint supplies appear to be out and open.
2.  The poster board that was blank this morning is no longer blank.
3.  It is not confined to just one area of the room.

See photos.

Ummm.  G?????  What were you doing while I was gone?

What do you mean?

Well, apparently the children were painting.


See picture 2.  So this is still kinda wet......

What???  They were outside most of the time!

Apparently not.

Wait wait......Corbin did say "I like painting."

Yes.  Yes he does.  So lets all take the newest note that if Corbin says "I like painting" you might want to get up and see what he is painting.  Let us not forget earlier lessons if he says "I'll be in my room."  That is code for check the house and yard for any and all major issues that could be happening.  If the words "I like matches" are said run like you are on fire because the house probably is.

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