Thursday, May 17, 2012

Dog? Really?

Thirteen plus years ago when we got our dog I swore two things.  One I wasn't taking care of her and two I wasn't looking for her when she got lost.  Ah another moment where God says ha ha!  You're going to do both.   Matty is a good dog, she has endured all the boys chewing on her ear, putting pens where pens just don't belong, and being generally tormented.  So, I do what I said I would never do, I take care of her and tonight I looked for her when she escaped. 

About 1am I get the nose nudge.  You know she walks up to the bed and nudges you with that wet nose in the arm.  Fortunately it wasn't the face.  "let me out mom.  I gotta go!" 

Fine.  Grumble, grumble. So I open the back door, crawl back in bed and start to fall back to sleep.  When the cat starts to meow.  Where is the dog?  Why isn't she chasing the cat away so I don't have to deal with him too?  You know I don't really do getting woken up well.  Ever.  Doesn't matter when I have gone to sleep.  If you wake me up I am groggy and annoyed.  I let the cat in and put him in the garage, he pees all over if he's in the house so he can come through the house just not stay in it for any length of time.  Again, I think where is that dog?  I want to go to sleep and I can't shut the back door till she comes back.  So I look outside.  Nothing seems out of place.  Hummm.  Still not back.  Now I get dressed and put some shoes on.  I'm thinking well maybe she's had a stroke and is dead in the yard.  (It could happen.  And I'm not awake!)  Oh no.  She went out the back gate.  Crap. 

So begins the dog hunt.  I look in my car for about 20 minutes and then make the phone calls. Roseville PD puts her on their most wanted list and I head out on foot this time on foot.  I think I walked about 2 miles. (can I skip kickboxing tomorrow?) Nothing.  No sign of our rotten dog anywhere.  Discouraged, cold, and limping, I came home to get the truck and look a little further out.  Stupid Dog!  Driving around the area at night I'm sure if there were thugs about I didn't see them but I probably scared them and half the neighborhood yelling for the dog!  I finally decided to go another direction and what to my wondering eyes should appear?  Matty dog, run limping down the street(she had arthritis and she's old, but it still takes a car to catch her). 
She had this look like "What?  I was just down at Jack in the Box.  What's the big deal?"  GRRRR!    What's the big deal??  I just spent two and a half hours looking for your stupid doggy self that's what's the big deal.  At this point I realize that I just yelled at a dog who had no clue what I was yelling and could care less that I was angry.  Now I believe it is bed time.  All done. 

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  1. You're a good mom. I'm glad you got your dog back. You wouldn't have been able to sleep if you didn't know where she was.

    Debbie K.