Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What is in your ear?

I got home Sunday afternoon after spending the night away from the boys and was squeezing Adam when I noticed there was something in his ear. 

As I looked closer there was green marker in his ear. 

"Adam, how did you get marker in your ear?"

"Corbin colored my ear" mind you Adam has a speech delay so it sounds like a garbled mess but I understood.

I turn to their father and say and you didn't hear about this or view this?  Nope.  Okay then.

"Corbin, you cannot color your brothers ear."

"but it looked good"

"No more coloring inside your brothers ear!"

"okay mom"

What makes an ear look like a good coloring place?


  1. Oh, how I have missed you and your boys ;)

  2. He's so creative! Never would have occurred to me to color inside my brother's ear. And I don't think he would have let me!

    Debbie K.