Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to shut a frog up Adam style.

Its 10:52 at night.  Adam fell asleep at 5:20.  He is wide awake.  Apparently so is Zachary due to the frogs in our backyard.

Zach says, "Mom, is Adam playing a video game.  Can you make the frog noises stop."

No honey the frogs are outside.

"How do you get them to stop?"

Adam is sitting eating some cereal, and he plops his hand down on the table hard.

Zach looks over and says "you think we should squish them?"


Adam, we don't squish frogs.

"yeah Adam, that's really messy their guts will come out all over your hands."


And this is how we roll at 11pm on a Thursday night when we should all be asleep.

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