Thursday, March 29, 2012

Be specific, very specific.

When Zach was two we went to a friends birthday party.  They had a pond in the middle of their yard with fish inside.  There were 20 or 30 kids at this party and some of them started throwing rocks into the pond.  Zach threw some rocks and his father told him he couldn't throw them into the pond anymore.  When we turned around from a conversation to make sure Zach was okay we found him coaching another little boy into throwing rocks into the pond.  At this point I learned that with Zach I have to be specific, very specific in my directions and leave no loop holes or he will find them and exploit them. 

I tell this story as a comparison for what occurred in my bedroom this morning as we are getting ready for karate.

Me:  Adam brush your teeth and get your shoes or you are going to lose your iTouch.

Adam:  No! (he throws a back kick at me)

Me:  You may not back kick me.

Here comes the front kick.

Me:  You little stinker you may not throw any kicks at me no side kicks, back kicks, front kicks, chicken kicks, ax kicks, heel hook kicks, no kicking mommy!

He proceeds to show me his hand and say "I still have my punches."

Me:  No!  You may not punch me, no hooks, uppercuts, no punching, no back fists!

Adam:  Karate chop!

At this point I reflect that I have two children I need to close all loopholes with.  Sigh. 

Me:  NO!!! NO!! NO!!!  You are not allowed to use karate outside of karate class!

Zach:  Yeah Adam mom is going to tell Mr. Nunez on you!'

Adam then ran and screamed, brushed his teeth got his shoes on and got in the car.  Its so nice to have someone to tell on the boys to.  LOL

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