Sunday, March 25, 2012

I wonder why my children are the way they are.....I swear its their fathers fault.

I found these bookends a few weeks ago and texted my dear friend Jennifer so that I wouldn't buy them. This is what she texted back:

The question isn't who wants crocodiles as bookends. It's who wouldn't want them? Because they're made of awesome!

Then my friend Steph texted and asked how I left them behind.

I had no idea how I left them behind so I picked Jennifer up and headed back the Antique Troove to get them. 

When we arrived we realized that those awesome bookends were $20.00 each.  Yikes!  I like being entertained but not at that cost.  So as we looked further into the display there were matching back scratchers.  Not just any back scratchers.  No.  They were claws.  Better yet they were a matching pair and they were $6.00 each!  How could we resist?  We couldn't.

As we are walking towards the cashier we are discussing the fun places we can take our claws.  I realized they weren't just any claws.  No.

Me:  "Jen, these aren't just backscratcher claws.  They are BFF claws!  They are better than those stupid necklaces and charms, they match and everything!"

The sales man behind us started laughing and Jen proceeded to poke him with her claw!  Cause she's awesome!  He jumped and in that instant the claws paid for themselves with the amount of laughter it produced for us! 

Our day was far from over. No we had to take pictures of our new claws. Everywhere. Driving the car, then we went to the store and spent 45 minutes taking pictures of the claws trying on shoes, clothes and even household items.

Now here's the really funny part.  No one noticed us take over 100 pictures in the store.  No One. 

Our day with our claws was almost over.  We just needed to introduce them to our families.  The best comment and Jennifer's house was from the 13 year old who called us immature and her dear sweet husband who said "You paid how much for that????"  Thank you!  I take my claw home and I get neither of these comments.  My kids just looked at me and asked me if they could play with the claw too.  Then proceeded to poke each other with the claw.  I brought this on myself I realize but really I never thought I'd have to say    "Don't poke your brother with my BFF claw!" 


  1. There's the difference between boys and girls, I think. Boys are just more accepting of BFF claws than girls. Sounds like you guys had a hilarious time at the store. Well worth the $6, I would say. Copious amounts of laughter make you live longer. Enjoy your BFF claws. (I'm kind of disappointed Jennifer didn't bring hers to church today, though.)


  2. Love the picture with the claws in with the wooden spoons! Just missed a picture of you and Jen with them :0)

  3. Well I have one picture of Jennifer. But since I'm the one taking the pictures. I don't have one of me. Maybe we will have to take some more!

  4. You are totally insane. I think you inherited that from your kids.