Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'll be in my room. Code for: I did something really wrong and am just going to take my time out now.

For those who have been over to our house during the summer our big little above ground pool is a great source of fun and entertainment.  If you haven't  been over come on over this summer.  The other night I noticed the pool filter sounded funny.  I have been so busy with Corporate taxes I didn't notice that the pool was a little low on water too. 

This afternoon I went outside to finally check on what the noise I'm hearing at night is and the pool was extremely low.  Scary low, like the filter was running air.  Oh man!  I started filling up the pool and went back to my office to work some more when I start hearing water overflowing.  No, no, no!  I open the back door to see the system that runs from the pool to the solar system is taken apart and the valve is turned to the on position and water is flowing out of the pool.  Corbin.  It has to be Corbin.  He has been playing outside all week. 

I go to pick him and his brothers up this afternoon and I say:

Corbin, were you messing with the pool?


Corbin, did you touch the pool valves and have water come out?


Corbin, why didn't you tell mommy that there was a problem with the pool?

"because I fixed it by putting my hand over the hole."  (in my head I'm thinking OMG if I laugh now he'll do it again)

Then what happened?

"It didn't work so I ran inside and said I'll be in my room"

Honey why didn't you tell me something was wrong with the pool?

"I said I'll be in my room"

Who did you say that to?

"me" says Zach from the back of the truck.

And you didn't tell me why? 

"I didn't think anything was wrong."

Okay Zach here is our lesson, if Corbin says I'll be in my room something big has gone wrong where ever he is and action is required immediately.

"okay mom"

My second lesson, when the pool pump sounds off well I should check it right away.  Much cheaper that way. 

Corbin next time there is something leaking from the pool can you come tell me?

"Sure mom.  I'll tell you, I'll be in my room."  Refer to lesson 1.

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  1. Wow! Talk about subtle communication..... :0)
    Hope you were able to rescue the pool! xxox D