Saturday, March 10, 2012

Mine Craft makes me wonder a little.

So Zach had a sleepover last night.  He and all his friends are playing a game called Mine Craft.  Even Adam has his own "world".  It makes me dizzy to look at this video game.  But they can play online with their friends in their own server that one of the dads has set up.  Even the dads are addicted to this game and now I know why. 

So as I'm sitting in the kitchen listening to the boys talking I hear:

Do you want to play?

Naa.  I need to learn how to kill things better.  Not that I'm bad at killing things.  I just need to get better.

Hummmm.  Okay then.  Mind you I'm laughing at this point quietly as the children never think I'm listening to them.

Hey, Hey don't forget the rotted flesh.

Did I just hear you right honey?  Did you just say don't forget the rotted flesh?

Yup.  After you kill the zombies you have to get their flesh.

Why do you need to get the zombie flesh?  (why am I talking to a 11 year old about zombie flesh?)

Just in case you get hungry.

Okay then.  That is just nasty my friend. 

No.  It is just life.

And so my morning begins.  Listing to small children kill things and eat dead zombie flesh.

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