Thursday, March 29, 2012

Field Trip with the Claw

Monday morning my sweet friend Snezhana needed a shopping partner to get ready for her upcoming trip to Hawaii.

I of course was more than happy to leave all the children with her husband and go to the mall for Teavana. 

One little thing, "Can I bring the claw?"

Of course! The claw needs a day of indulgence. So we started at Teavana for some yummy tea!

From there we headed to Gap Body for swimsuit shopping.
 This is totally the claws color.  And Snezhanas!  Beautiful!

Bath and body works was next.  The first place anyone has ever recognized and commented on the claw.  The lady behind the counter said, "I love your back scratchter!"  Then she asked if she got a prize for noticing the claw.  I wish I had thought of it but I had a pack of Jelly Bellies in my purse.  Oh well, another day!  Then off to Avedia for skin and hair care.

 Sees was delicious!
 Snezhana at Clair's!  She is such an awesome person!
 Louie Vuitton, don't you think the claw looks good with that bag?! 
This was the end to a great shopping experience with the claw!

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