Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stop Rubbing Your Gum all over the car and other objects!

Yesterday I bought Corbin gum.  He has finally learned how to chew it with out swallowing the whole piece. 

This morning Corbin asked if he could have a piece before we left for karate class.  I saw no harm in allowing this to happen so I said yes.  My first mistake.

As we pull into karate I look in the rear view mirror and what do I see?  Corbin rubbing his gum all over the roof of the car.

"Corbin, stop rubbing your gum on my car!"

"yes mom" and he stuck his gum back in his mouth. Gross!

So I am telling all my friends in kickboxing about Corbin and his rubbing of the gum and I turn around to find him stretching his gum from his mouth to the heavy bag and rubbing the end of the gum on the bag.  Now that's some stretchy gum.

"Corbin!  Do not rub your gum on Mr. Nunez's equipment!"  And the gum gos back in his mouth again. 

Thank God that I kick box with all parents.  One said well, that's one way to keep from getting sick.

Like licking the trash can at Great America didn't do enough!

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