Friday, June 8, 2012

Appearances can be Deceiving

This morning I saw the oldest monster off with his friends on a grand adventure.  As the oldest of the other family was describing how one of her friends keeps pinching her pressure points we all turned to my oldest and said:

"Hey Zach, can you help B stop this kid from hurting her all the time?  Know any pressure points that will just stop him?"

Does my child say a thing?  No.  He immediately moves his hand to the back of his friends neck and suddenly the child is bent over almost on the ground. 

"He moved like a snake.  One second he looks all mellow and sweet, the next, BAM!  He kinda sacred me."

Then he proceeds to tell us all the different points you can put someone on the ground with.

Me: Where did you learn all that?

Z:  Karate mom.  (With an expression on his face of  "duhhh, you know I go like 6 times a week and I do have a Jr. Blackbelt freak!") 

Me:  Oh.....Yeah....

Z:  Oh and I have been learning a move if done correctly will kill someone.

Friend:  Don't use that on anyone here okay.

Z:  Yeah I won't.

Careful he looks cute and all but apparently he might be a little deadly.  Thanks Mr. Nunez at Marinobles Granite Bay. 

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